Property Overview

Address 17816 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, Washington
Tax Parcel Number 0726059096
Land Square Footage 38,758 SF
Zoning 522; Special Riverfront Overlay
Permitted Uses Apartments, Condominiums, Office, Retail, Senior Living, Townhomes
Improvements Single Story Commercial Building
Dimensions West Edge: ±380 ft on SR-522
South Edge: ±260 ft (two separate portions)
East Edge: ±300 ft (two separate portions)
North Edge: ±30 ft
Access Single curb-cut from SR-522 along the west edge of the property. Right-in and right-out access only
Utilities All public utilities are available including electricity, gas, water, sewer, and telephone
Sale Process See disposition procedure
List Price $1.2 Million


The property is located in the commercial core of downtown Bothell, WA. It is part of the City of Bothell's plan to revitalize its downtown into a pedestrian-friendly destination and gathering place for area residents, employees and visitors. The plan, launched in 2006, capitalizes on the historic charm of the City's Main Street, bringing new retail, offices and housing to downtown. To date, the City has completed public investments totaling over $150 million and sold 20 acres for development. When complete, the revitalization project is expected to add 2,000 residential units and 1,600 jobs.

Lot A is situated on the western edge of the downtown. The Property fronts Bothell Way NE and is bounded by the Park at Bothell Landing. It is adjacent to Horse Creek and the Sammamish River, and has immediate access to the Park's amenities which include natural areas, trail systems and recreation facilities.